[client_name] wants to rebuild its website to take advantage of the web as a general advertising, marketing outreach tool and eCommerce site.

By using this online medium through advertising, comprehensive design, programming, and marketing tools, [client_name] will be able to increase its online presence as well as gain traction for marketing.

The site will be created to take advantage of mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. We will incorporate strong calls-to-action throughout the site.

Throughout this project and our relationship, we will pay close attention to how we can help improve your bottom line!

We have selected WordPress as the open-source platform of choice for the website. WordPress provides a solid framework and ease of adding content from which [client_name] will benefit. It is an open system that can be competently adapted to fit your needs. This open-source system allows anyone to work within it. This eCommerce site will be focused around providing a clean and convenient experience to [client_name]‘s customers.  


We undergo the following processes to build a well-designed website: discovery lite, proposal, getting started, discovery, ideation, content creation, design, website development, go live, and end of the project. Throughout this process, we keep in mind that your website is an asset that you invest your money and effort in with the anticipation that it will generate more leads. We also understand that increasing leads result in income or appreciation in value in the long run or future.

Getting Started

As the name suggests, the getting started phase tells you about everything you need to know in the entire process. It familiarizes you with all the procedures we do and not find yourself struggling with your feedback. This part shows the project’s ways and means until we reach your desired website design and development results. If you are a first-time client, of course, you may not know all the information about how the process will go through. So, the getting started stage is another essential part that you should not miss. Always remember to read everything in the getting started guide.


We look through your idea in detail, working out essential matters for the website’s success. Your input in the entire process is necessary because we take on a collaborative method to complete the project. There will be a proper and more in-depth discussion in this phase about the following:

– Functionality
– Audience Impressions
– Website Look
– Website Ambiance


After discussing all the relevant details with the client, Scope Design will make the website brief, sitemap user flow, and an inspiration board to help shape it better. The website brief will include things about your business, customers, competitors, users, design, and more. Moreover, the sitemap user flow will present the user’s overall flow when utilizing the newly developed website. It serves as the guideline on how the user interface will be, so you may check and see if you want any changes. Lastly, the inspiration board will contain the design, mood, and color tones of your website. For instance, you may see more abstracts, grayish and white tones, and machinery if your business is on the industry’s mechanical side.

Content Creation

Our team will determine parts where we need content writing completed. However, it will be your responsibility to decide whether to do it yourself with our guidance, hire a copywriter, or let us hire a copywriter on your behalf. We know how struggling it can be to produce high-quality, compelling content, so we provide you with an in-depth guide and worksheet. In case content writing is not one of your areas of strength, you only get the basics in place, and we will do the rest. Our content creation process includes reviewing each submitted content and revising as needed with proper calls to action and keyword density.


Scope Design will get all the information needed and then design the necessary templates. They will be flexible enough so you can utilize them throughout the website and hopefully in the future. Note that our team will present the templates to you as mock-ups to see how they meet your company and website goals. If you have any concerns about it, we will revise as needed. Suppose you hesitate a bit about our design and branding creation, know that we have always battle-tested our process over the years in this field. We are confident that you will love the unique design we produce for you and fit your given requirements.  Additionally, before creating a plan, we do enough research to generate a good idea and get the best outcome. At Scope Design, we understand your needs and give our utmost efforts to every project, delivering satisfying results to our clients.

Website Development

In this process, we clarify the brief and user flow as needed and as fitting to your requirements. Then, when those things get finalized, we start creating the development site. We utilize the mock-ups and turn them into interactive web pages making the necessary templates. When building the style guide, you need to know that it is a work in progress throughout the project. That is why the finalization is vital to ensure you don’t miss anything you want to include in developing the website. After that, we finally implement your website’s unique functionality coded to perfection. Our team ensures its quality so you can be confident that it’s working like a dream, matching your needs.

Go Live

Once finished with the website development, such as coding, we recheck all deliverables and then do a final quality evaluation. Keep in mind that we also deliver all assets to you for the desktop, mobile, or tablet, so you have easy access. For an hour, which is usually sufficient already, our team will plan to launch your website. But then, there are times your domain name’s DNS configuration is complicated, so we may require to give extra consulting services to launch it successfully. Furthermore, we ask for access to your domain name registrar and any additional DNS server information at the project’s onset. Once we get this information, we will understand the complexity and provide consulting that is necessary.

End of Project 

Rest assured that at the completion or end of the project, we will provide you with the necessary things like:

– Website Owners Manual

Along with your website, we’ll include a copy of The Website Owner’s Manual which will help you keep track of all the important details about your website; including logins, hosting setup, DNS records, routine maintenance, & answers to our most frequently asked questions to help you have continued success with your website.

– Documentation for custom programming on your website
– One-hour training on using your website through remote screen sharing
– Plus, Scope Design will discuss any additional opportunities for you and ongoing service needs.


The following details the behind-the-scenes benefits that will make your website amazing.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) And Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLS

Using WordPress is a great way to yield the best search results for your website in search engines. This can benefit your company by having your website appear higher in search engines than those you receive from local and mainstream search engines. This includes natural language URL(s) for your web pages. Therefore, the traffic that your website receives is more likely to be people who are interested in your site.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to reduce the amount of time a website’s target market spends searching for it. This is achieved by taking strategic and methodical steps to elevate the website to the top positions of search results on major search engines. SEO is the deliberate, multi-step process of refining and streamlining various aspects of a website.

The process starts with the selection of the site platform (Google loves WordPress!) and site architecture and extends to activities like image and page tagging, link popularity, and article marketing.

The result of these efforts is:

  • A website that is technically prepared for maximum results when indexed by search engines.

Scope Design’s SEO services include:

  • Integration of Google Analytics to monitor performance and trends
  • Page title and URL optimization
  • Image description and file name optimization
  • Integration of “ShareThis” widget on select pages

SEO is completed within the first 30 days of the site launch. Additional SEO and SEM services are available in an ongoing service contract. Please ask!

Easily Add, Modify and Delete Pages

If you choose to modify pages yourself, you can do so with this easy feature. We provide you with a fully-featured WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allowing you to quickly add, modify, or delete pages from your website. The editor is 100% web-based, cross-browser functional and comes with a host of formatting features to create any type of content you desire. You can style and format text content in any way, add images, embed videos, and more.

Site Wide Smart Search

The site search we have developed lets your visitors access the information they truly want without having to dig through all the pages on the website. This search makes it easier for your visitors to find what they need and is an important feature that improves the accessibility and usefulness of any website.

Dynamic Forms

We will build forms that utilize advanced features that validate given information and save all data in the database. You can check the data in the website back end or have data sent to a preset e-mail address. Simple, cleanly formatted data allows [client_name] to expand its database, which can be used in multiple ways to generate additional revenue.

Google Analytics

We provide site-wide integration with Google Analytics.

Mobile Friendly / Responsive

We recognize that the market is shifting to customers viewing websites on mobile devices. We will build the website to function beautifully on a smart phone or tablet device. We build the website to work for you and your customers on the go. A significant portion of our attention will be focused on making the website responsive. By that, we mean that the site will function seamlessly on desktops, tablets, and smart phones. By building the site in a responsive way and not requiring a separate mobile-only site, we can reduce the time and energy required to maintain the site.

Enews Signup

We will incorporate a function to directly sign up with Mail Chimp from within the new website. We will create this to be clean and an easy experience for your customer. If you are using an existing enews system, we may be able to incorporate it into your new site (additional charges may apply).

eCommerce (WooCommerce)

An E-commerce solution for the website that will allow customers to purchase from the website. A powerful shopping cart component that is well designed, feature rich and user friendly. Featuring an intuitive admin interface that allows you to have complete control over your site. We will provide integration and customization of WooCommerce.

The main reason for choosing WordPress and WooCommerce over any other opensource solution is that we can provide advanced filtering. WordPress utilizes both categories and tags. This allows us to provide unique paths for customers to follow to find the product they need.

WooCommerce offers a well-rounded set of features to create robust and efficient sites. SEO is solid, with built-in metatags and SEO-friendly links. WooCommerce is fully functional from the start and comes with standard cart components, including Inventory, Coupons, Shipping, and Payment Integration.

We are planning to integrate the Stripe payment system. You will be able to fully manage the system adding, removing, updating products from the administration area of the website.  We will provide a tutorial video of how to add products to the system. There is amazing opportunity for growth within this system. The entire WooCommerce plugin follows WordPress Best Practices and is scale-able and customizable.


Below you will find details about the various categories for organizing your website.

Home (landing page)

This page will be designed to captivate and convert visitors into customers. Our goal here is to create interest in potential customers and bring them into the site, driving them to purchase. We envision this page as a dynamic page that changes frequently showing current information that would be beneficial to your customers. We would like to add some movement to this page in a banner space that calls the visitor to action.


The About page will feature a brief history of [client_name] along with key staff biographies and photos. The overall purpose of this page will be to tell a story and provide users with a context of [client_name]‘s organization and values.

News & Events

The site will have a dedicated section to post news and announcements for [client_name]. Training will be provided on how to use this section so that [client_name] can continue the process.


The store will be filterable and provide product options to allow for the custom design of [client_name]. We will build the store as indicated above. The proposal will include adding 5 products. We will create a (training video) screen capture while adding these products so that [client_name] can continue the process of adding and maintaining the catalog. [client_name] will provide photos and text for the store in digital format.

Contact Us

This simple page will contain a form that will allow your customers to contact you through the website. We will also include phone numbers, specific address information and a Google map.

General Pages

We anticipate approximately [number_of_pages] website pages. All pages will be search engine optimized to yield amazing results.

Other Considerations

We are all about providing future expand-ability and growth opportunities. We always build sites in a way that the website can grow and change with the business, which is what sets us apart from many of our competitors. We build on a solid framework that allows your website to have great flexibility.


Website Ultimate Maintenance

How do today’s successful business owners address a complex and ever changing market place? Just running your core operations and maintaining your website can be overwhelming. Our business is helping you grow your business!

Website Insightful Priority Service Package

In addition to our ultimate maintenance we also look at the analytics of the website, examine trends, and offer suggestions to improve your overall traction and conversion. By taking advantage of this, you gain an amazing support team; plus, you also tap into our vast knowledge of web standards, marketing, and analytical expertise. We will help contribute to the success of [client_name]. 

Amazing Web Hosting Service

We provide a turnkey solution; a one stop shop for your important website. We take care of our network and equipment so you can focus on [client_name].

We provide a turn-key solution, one stop shop for your important business website. We take care of our network and equipment so you can sleep. The servers we use are safe and reliable. Based on its unique capability to measure the characteristics of end-to-end, real-time Internet traffic, the server provides unrivaled network performance by managing the network issues, such as IP network brownouts and slowdowns that cause application issues and proactively identifying the best performing path for your traffic at all times. All of our connections are kept at a low utilization to allow high bursting and resistance to denial of service (DoS) attacks.

  • Our servers feature multiple gigabits of connectivity to multiple “Tier 1” backbones to handle even the most demanding needs. In the unlikely event of complete power failure, backup power supplies will come online. In the case of extended power failure, a backup generator is also on standby. All servers also utilize redundant power supplies in the event of a failure.
  • The data center is cooled and heated 24-hours a day for an optimal environment, which helps keep the servers up and running smoothly.

We will provide you with cPanel access to the server. Our servers are located in OVH Facility. We utilize InterNAP powered bandwidth to eight of the “Tier 1” backbones of the Internet. By utilizing InterNAP’s Flow Control Platform (FCP), we are able to guarantee the IP network performance required to support key applications. Network D/DoS Protection and Intrusion Protection System (IPS) protect the network from attacks. The providers we are connected to via OVH include InterNAP (aggregation of Verizon Business, Savvis, AT&T, Sprint, Level (3), NTT/Verio, Global Crossing), Spectrum Telecom, XO Communications, and two additional redundant connections to Level (3). Added to that, the operations center is fully equipped with a 48v dc power plant, and all of our equipment is fed with conditioned dc power.



Proposal to Deliver Services

We hereby propose to deliver graphic design, web development and any continued services as per the above specifications. All tasks related to the project will be completed in a professional manner according to standard practices. Any changes or deviation from the above specifications involving additional investment will only be executed upon written orders and become extra charge over and above the estimated cost break down. This will be invoiced separately as approved.


At Scope Design, we are passionate about collaborating with our clients. Once you accept your proposal, you will be provided with login credentials to our client portal. While the portal provides a project/ticket system for support, you can always call or use IM, e-mail, Skype, etc., to communicate directly with us.

One of the advantages of working with Scope Design is excellent customer service. Our biggest investment is in our clients, so you can rest assured that we go the extra mile to keep you happy. We give you our best, your business is our business. We choose not to spend money on advertising because we firmly believe in word-of-mouth referrals. We build our business around your business and survive by keeping you, your friends, partners, and referrals happy. It is a business model that has worked well for us and works even better for you!


Qualifications and Experience

Agile and brilliant, that’s what we are! We may be a small team, but we’re so much more than that.

Our team comprises various experts seasoned in the graphic design industry, web development, and so much more! With diverse expertise in different areas, we guarantee that we’re more than just a small team of creatives.

Because of our design experience, we fully understand what it takes to create graphics that are not only brandable but value-adding too! We also guarantee that what you require will be delivered in only the best and highest quality, because that’s what you deserve.

Our big city experience will help your small and medium businesses grow without having to break your banks. Not only that, but whatever the size and type of your business are, we’re happy to help!

Greg Breen

CEO / Some Guy

Greg is Scope Design’s Man of Steel. He has been in the design and multimedia industry for over 15 years and he’s worn many hats from designing, producing, creative directing to woodworking. He’s a dedicated life-long learner who constantly seeks challenges to grow. He is the foundation of Scope Design and the engine that pushes the team.
Outside of being Scope Design’s OG Rockstar, Greg is a loving husband to Deb, a super dad to Esther, and a guy who loves to play with magnets for the most part of the day.

Nicole Bardilas


Nicole dreams of traveling and experiencing other cultures or simply spending a relaxing time at home with her two cats — unless she is building client relationships and communicates client needs and demands to the Scope Design team. She drives client meetings and plays a critical role in the successful delivery of projects.
She enjoys spending time alone at home, playing video games, or binge-watch series on Netflix in her free time. Nicole also enjoys learning a new skill or two such as swimming and writing.

Jubert Celiz

Web Designer

A talented multimedia artist that has passion on his design work. Jubert has been in the design industry for 6 years. He takes pride in building strong relationships with clients and the team. Always ready to take on new challenges to grow with and learn something new. In his free time, Jubert enjoys hiking in the great outdoors and chilling out with friends and a few beers.

Benny Nepomuceno

Web Developer

Benny is the team’s adventurous web developer wizard. He develops tools and creates solutions on the backend of things. He plans trips on weekends, hiking local mountains or riding to the nearest beach. When not adventurous/rainy days, you’ll find him getting comfortable with coffee and ramen, binge watching on the latest series.


Jeff Wohlgemuth, All Fleet Solutions (

Joshua Harris, XS Performance LLC (

Penne Watkins, Bradford County Action (

We encourage you to reach out to our references as a testimonial to our performance.


The website will be developed based on the universal rules outlined below:

  • Purchase of additional materials such as stock images or add-ons and components that are not specified in this proposal will be billed at additional cost.
  • All additional purchases will be submitted for approval and invoiced separately.
  • Any text materials on the website will be provided in an editable text (copy and paste) format, such as .doc or .txt extensions, by [client_name].
  • Every effort will be taken to maintain a lean website development, designed to maximize investment by [client_name].

Exhibit A: Services and Fees 

[client_name] agrees to pay Scope Design the amount commensurate with stage of project established in US dollars–half at the start of the project, balance on completion. If these terms pose difficulty with cash flow, let us know, we can always work something out. HOSTING PAYMENT SCHEDULE – Client agrees to pay Scope Design the amount indicated above on a monthly basis.

Exhibit B: Content Requirements 

All text content, if any, must be provided in .doc or .txt format. GRAPHICS MATERIAL All graphics materials, if any, must be provided in .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .psd, or .tif format. ABOUT FOOTER NOTE Each page will have the following footer statement: Website by Scope Design,or similar.

[client_name] COMMITMENT

Materials and information gathering is a critical component to the overall success of any creative project and require a significant commitment by [client_name].

[client_name] undertakes that all documents, information and data necessary for the Agency to perform the Services will be made available to Agency in a timely fashion. [client_name] will make available such employees of its organization as are necessary to assist Agency in fulfilling its obligations under this Agreement. Ordering of third party services, if any, will be effected by [client_name] in consultation with Agency.

[client_name]undertakes the adequate and timely introduction of Agency employees and agents within [client_name]’s organization and, if required by law, will obtain all necessary approvals of the applicable governing body in connection with the performance of Services.

In case any or all of the above conditions are not complied with, not complied with properly or not timely complied with, or if Agency has to interrupt Services for reasons not attributable to Agency’s negligence or willful misconduct, the period of completion set forth in the Agreement shall be automatically extended for such additional time as shall be necessary to perform the Services, and any and all additional costs resulting therefrom shall be the responsibility of [client_name].


Maintaining a successful project schedule requires collaboration and cooperation between the client and the creative agency.

We ask that [client_name] provides feedback and responds to requested content in a timely manner and according to agreed upon scheduling.

We pride ourselves on producing great quality work in a reasonable time frame. However, we need your help to ensure we meet these deadlines. We have a long pipeline of work at any time and if there are delays in us receiving your feedback it might mean we need to pause the project.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to be realistic at the start of a project how long you need to provide feedback so we can factor it into the timeline and ensure deadlines are met.

We generally look for a reply with feedback and content within 10 business days or two weeks. Delays beyond ten business days will prompt a pause of the project and project schedule. The restart fee payable by the client for a paused project is 10% of the total cost of the project, per pause.

The intention of this policy is to complete your project on time. We expect to complete your project within 30 days of the agreed upon scheduled completion date. This generous duration is offered to allow for flexibility to accommodate unknowns.


Accepting and signing the invoice below will create an invoice for us to get started.